Friday, May 30, 2008


The Vegas office decided to join the San Antonio office, so we packed up all of our stuff and headed out! :) We left Vegas at approximately 11:30 Sunday morning and arrived in San Antonio around 11:40 Monday night. We could have made the 1200 mile trip in 19 hours, but due to some minor delays (TRAFFIC AND A FLOOD) it took a lot longer! When we stepped out of the car my whole body felt wet and sticky from the humidity, it was nasty! I am getting used to it though, so that's good! It has been fun to live in a new place but it's sad because Devin has to work a lot. He is such a hard worker and has been doing really well. Poor me all I do is sit by the pool all day long! :) It will definitely be a fun adventure!


Office and weight room
Mail room
The pool

When they brouht in the ORANGE couches I wasn't quite sure if I would like them! I LOVE them now!!!

This is the view off of my balcany. :)


Devin and all the guys thought the border patrol was so funny. Every time they would pass us everyone would get so excited. Then they would text each other border patrol jokes for the next hour! It kept us entertained on our long journey

Devin's FAVORITE thing about Texas is that the speed limit is 80! To him that means instead of going 82 on a 75 limit we could now go 87 on a 80 limit. He loved it! :)


We loaded my little Saturn, and we're off! Zero hours down, twenty to go!
Stuck in DAM traffic :)
Breakfast after our sleep over with Landon :)

The Flood

We took this picture before we knew we were headed for a FLOOD ZONE!!!! We had to drive 20 miles an hour so that we could see through the rain. It was kinda scary!

No worries, there were clear skies the rest of the way! :)


Che and me

Che took me to a HUGE make up store while we were waiting for the guys to get back from work. I loved it! At first we were just looking around, but by the time we left the store we looked like 12 year olds who had been playing in their mom's make up! :) It was so much fun!!


One of our last nights in Vegas we decided to go to the strip with a few of our friends. That day the only thing we did was lay out! You can't see it very well, but I had the worst SUN BURN!!

Charie Che and me

Friday, May 9, 2008


Me and Sammi (BFFN) :)

Wedding Day

Our Cake

Kierra, Kaila, Shaylee

My College Roommates

Kaila and me

My book girls, and my best friends!

Endowment Day

Devin and me

Grandma Sherry, Devin, me, Uncle Shane & Aunt Sherri
Mom and Dad (LOVE YA)


Dallen and Suzie

Love the GOGGLES

Good Times

Two days before our wedding Dallen and Devin decided to take Suzie and I sledding. We didn't decide we were actually going until midnight! I thought they were joking because it was pretty late and so cold. They weren't kidding, we went and had so much fun! Every time Dal and Dev raced they almost would make it to the road. I won't lie they scared me a couple times, I didn't want Dev to have road rash on his face for the wedding!!! :) If you are wondering about our "GOGGLES" they were a joke at first, but we ended up wearing them all night! Every time I look at these pics I laugh, we look good in our chem lab goggles! :)