Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Congratulations Kandice you are amazing we love you!

The "ROSE" inbetween two thorns!
That is what Grandpa said when we took this pic! :)

Kandice cutting down the net after taking Region!

All-Region Team

Me Jayda and Devin


amsorensen.blogspot.com said...

uncle randy sounds just like GRANDPA SCOTT.. he is awesome!! that is so grovee that kandice kicks butt @ sports, it's in all of your blood lines,i guess.. i lov seeing u on the blogg world & kandice on face book. it keeps me updated.

T'Nisha, Braden, and Preslie said...

Wow I bet that keeps you way busy having your husband as a coach. but your so good to go support him. We will probably see you at state.